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Mortgage Checklist

The following information is usually required during the loan process:

Completed Mortgage Application Form 1003

Signed Authorization to Release Information Form

Signed Application Disclosure

Copy of fully executed purchase contract     (purchase money mortgages only)

Copy of the recorded Deed                           (refinance and construction mortgages only)

Architectural plans                                          (construction mortgages only)

Copies of real estate tax bill                           (refinance mortgages only)

Copies of last two (2) years W-2 forms and most recent 4 pay stubs

A person to whom we can direct your employment verification form - this will help to expedite the processing of your loan

Copies of your most recent two (2) years signed and dated income tax returns as well as a year to date Profit and Loss Statement and Balance Sheet are to be submitted with your application under the following circumstances:

                If you are self-employed (include corporate and partnership returns, if applicable)

                If you own rental properties

                If you are paid on a commission basis

               Tax returns may be requested at our underwriter’s discretion

Copies of pension benefit statements and social security award letters, if applicable

Copies of your most recent three (3) months bank statements, mutual fund statements and stocks, if applicable

Copy of fully executed contract of sale if you are selling any other real estate owned

Copies of divorce decree and property settlement agreement to verify alimony and child support, if applicable

Copy of Home Equity Line of Credit Agreement, if applicable

Name, address and telephone number of current landlord or 12 months cancelled rent checks, if applicable

Name and address of person holding earnest deposit (purchase money mortgages only)

Copy of resident alien card, if applicable

Two forms of identification (per USA PATRIOT Act)

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